An Interview With Molly – Destination Senior Photo Shoot

I had a chance to catch up with one of my seniors, Molly, and she shared her experience with her Destination Photo Shoot. Here is what she shared:

Why did I decide to do the shoot?

I wanted a set of senior photos that I would be able to have forever and to share with my family. I used Kelly Burneson Photography because I wanted a photographer who was experienced with senior portraits and who was very reliable and accommodating. 

What were your impressions of the day? What did you love about it?

Before the day came, Kelly was helpful in choosing the perfect spot for my shoot. I wanted a beach scene but with other options as well. She offered a couple options and together we came up with a location and date that was perfect for the both of us. On the day of the shoot, her excitement was contagious and I could see how much she enjoys her work. Kelly went above and beyond for my shoot. We were having so much fun that she kept going until dark, far past the agreed time which made me feel that she truly cares about each individual client. Right away Kelly made me feel very relaxed in front of the camera. We laughed and joked while taking the pictures. She even climbed in the dirt for me!

What did you think about the final results?

I was so impressed with the final results. There were a variety of different types of photos which I loved because it covered a range of lighting, backgrounds, poses, and outfits. Her editing skills are fantastic. We had to clip one of my outfits to make it fit right and you could see the clip in the pictures. When seeing the final results, you couldn’t even tell the clip was photoshopped out. 

What advice would you give to someone else doing the shoot?

Don’t stress or overthink this shoot at all. Let loose and have fun posing and smiling because if you let yourself relax this day can be so much fun. I also advise to trust Kelly and don’t worry about how the photos are going to come out- you are working with a true professional.. Your main focus is you and Kelly will worry about the posing and how the photo will come out.

Who would you say is the most fashion forward/influencer in class of 2021 or 2022?

For the class of 2021 I would say Abby Johnson and Jane Pittorino. 

For the class of 2022, I would say Sophia Brown.

Would you recommend Kelly Burneson Photography to upcoming seniors?

I 100% would recommend Kelly Burneson Photography for upcoming seniors because she truly cares about your thoughts on the shoot and is so successful at helping you feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Thank you, Molly for sharing your experience on your Photo Shoot with Kelly Burneson Photography!

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