Destination Senior Photo Shoot

Destination Photoshoot:  Crane Hill Estates and Crane Beach in Ipswich, MA.  A little background on Marybeth, we had to reschedule her photoshoot four times due to weather.  The photoshoot finally happened the day after Hurricane Josie, needless to say, we had to “control” the hair at times due to the winds that continued. The photoshoot typically starts on the estate manicured grounds and flower gardens, then we make our way to the beach for the final sunset session.  This destination photoshoot location can comfortably accommodate 4 to 5 outfit changes due to all the various areas on the Estate and beach where we shoot.  Ipswich is not the destination location if you only are looking to order one image.

Marybeth: Class of 2018 wrote,  

“I decided to do the shoot for my senior photos because I had seen a lot of your other senior pictures and loved how they turned out. we picked doing them at the Crane Estate…because of the diversity of locations. I love the beach but wasn’t sure if I really wanted all of my photos to be on the beach, so this was the perfect place with a variety of locations!

My shoot happened in very high winds so I think that I was a little nervous at first if the pictures would turn out haha. I was definitely wrong to be nervous tho! you knew how to work with the wind and still make the most of our shoot. I loved being able to have fun with it. I think some photographers can be a bit awkward but you made it fun the whole time

I loved the final results!!!! You did an amazing job and they truly turned out better than I could have thought and my mom loved the prints and the canvases that she got from you afterward. 

I think for advice just have fun with it. being in front of a camera for that long can be a little weird but the pictures where you’re enjoying yourself definitely turn out better.

I would absolutely recommend Kelly Burneson Photography! you made sure everything went so smoothly for the shoot and that we were happy with the final products.  you were super helpful with poses and making sure the pictures turned out amazing. I was definitely happy with my shoot and I know my mom was super happy with it as well.”

Marybeth’s Mom, Margy shared: 

Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into making Mary Beth’s senior portraits amazing. Picking you as our photographer for such an important life moment was the best decision we could have made. You bring an unparalleled amount of energy, enthusiasm, experience, and empathy to everything you do. 

I have attempted to raise my children to be independent, so when Mary Beth demanded I use you for her senior portraits, I happily agreed. She worked with you directly on the planning, styling, and location for her shoot. You took into account the items that she expressed to you were important to her, and you helped focus and narrow down her options, so that her vision of the final product became much clearer. 

You recommended The Crane Estate in Ipswich, MA, for a location shoot. The mansion, gardens, and adjacent beach were spectacular and offered many totally different backdrops in a manageable location and time frame. You organized and directed the shoot efficiently and logically to maximize our timing and lighting, while making it a memorable day filled with laughter and beauty. We ended the day with one of the most gorgeous sunsets I have every experienced. It was a spectacular ending to a perfect day. 

You turned the pictures around in a timely manner and were exceptionally patient while helping me narrow down my choices. Honestly, as you know, I loved every shot. You had a wide range of options and samples available to help me visualize what the end product would look like, which was extremely helpful. The final products are exquisite and I cannot thank you enough for the care and professionalism you took to not just give us an image, but a memory of a wonderful day. Every time I look at Mary Beth’s pictures I feel as though I am looking through a window to the past as well as a vision of the potential to come. 

I highly recommend you to everyone I know looking for a professional photographer that listens and advises their clients on the best way to capture these important moments in their lives. 

Thank you again, 

Margy Ashton 

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