Why I Love Working with High Schoolers

Have you ever felt so passionate about something that you have a hard time explaining the passionate without getting tongue tied?

The day I photographed my first high school soccer game I was hooked…. There was No turning back.  Capturing peak action, the PERFORMANCE of a Student Athlete, clear, sharp images thrill me every time and they still do.  After that it was practice, practice, practice… you only get better when you practice, and I read, I read anything and everything I could find on Sports Photography.  I started following all the lead names in the field and talk shop with all the photographers that would cover the games for the local newspapers. Fast forward to now and the local newspapers get my view from the sidelines.  I love sharing my work and my passion for my work with the Student Athletes and their friends and families. And I still get GIDDY when I get “THE SHOT” and I still get goose bumps standing on the sideline.

Now let’s step back in time again so I can share with you how that grew to where I am now…. I have been photographing the boys’ varsity soccer team now for a couple of seasons, and one of the Seniors approached me and said “Mrs. Burneson, I had my senior pictures taken by the hired company and I really don’t like them, would you take them for me?”  How could I possibly say no, I said yes and then went home immediately to search for everything and anything I could read about portrait photographer, Senior Portrait Photography, etc…. I was a nervous wreck leading into this photo shoot, we met on location and had so much fun, plus we got him what he was looking for a Great Senior Picture!! Once again, I was hooked but for all the same reasons why I love Sports Photography.

I love the energy, the excitement, the thrill and anticipation, it is palpable with high school seniors and the student athletes.  As a Senior, this is your year to shine. They have all worked so hard to get to this year. This is the year of lasts and firsts’, so emotions run high.  For the senior high school athlete, they may have played a sport since they were four or five and now that will soon be coming to an end, they will play their heart out and strive for a chance to go to districts to play just one more game, capturing that moment when either they win to move on or lose.  The thrill of victory or the agony of defeat is always exciting to witness from the sidelines. That same energy is present during the Senior Portrait shoot, the stress and excitement of applying to colleges, waiting for all the acceptance letters to come in, enjoying being the “top dog” of the school and experience all the joys of firsts and lasts, enjoying your time with your friends before embarking on your new journey, the being of your college life.  This chapter called high school is coming to an end and a new chapter is about to begin….

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